October 2011

Australia hosts second Asia-Pacific Forum for Programme and Training Commissioners

During September, the Woodhouse Activity Centre in South Australia gathered representatives from 12 National Scout Organizations (NSO's) including Bangladesh, Fiji, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore and Sri Lanka with the special participation of Timor Leste, for the second Regional Forum for Programme and Training Commissioners. Scouts Australia was represented by participants from Western Australia, Victoria, Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory and South Australia. Special guests included Joao Amando, a member of the World Scout Committee, Abdullah Rasheed our Regional Director and Syd Castillo the APR Program Director.

The group of over 50 participants and team members worked together to build regional relationships and bring together both trainers and programming personnel to discuss common issues and share good practices. A key focus was the updated WOSM vision of ‘Education for Life’ and ‘Education for Leadership’. The Scout Method and Areas of Personal Growth were key discussion points. Importance was also placed on the sharing of our E-Learning project. A number of NSO’s from the region have shown an interest in the Scouts Australia E-Learning modules.

Great friendships were formed as the group discussed key issues and shared strategies for success in Scouting. Our overseas guests especially enjoyed the visits to Scout Groups to see Australian Scouting in action and thus develop a deeper understanding of community based Scouting.

We learnt more about how school based Scouting operates in our neighboring NSO’s and great programs like a Jamboree on a train travelling across across Bangladesh.
The group even found time to visit the local wildlife park to check out the Australian fauna. The whole event was five days of fun, friendship and great laughter; especially during our key dinners when members of the South Australian Performing Arts team had everyone singing, dancing and laughing with gusto.
Well done to everyone from Australia who both organized and participated in the event, for showing our Scouting neighbors how we operate in Australia and for creating such a memorable event.
Scouts Australia hosts the next Asia Pacific Region Workshop for Scouts with Special Needs in Perth during April 2012.   


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