October 2011

Mawson Scholarship creates 24 new Leaders in Scouting

What do you do with a bunch of 24 talented, enthusiastic and dynamic Venturers during the October school holidays?

Send them to Bay Park Campsite 100km south of Melbourne for 5 days of training, from the 3 - 7 October, in leadership, teamwork, event planning and of course heaps of fun and camaraderie!


Congratulations to the following participants in the first ever Mawson Scholarship in Leadership for Venturer Scouts:

ACT: Megan Hayes, Zachary Forostenko, Charles Milne, Lachlan Main, Sorrel Fuller

NSW: Angus Boxall, Melinda Varcoe, Pattrick Watts

NT: Haylee Williams

QLD: Nathan Sears, Harley Miles, Benjamin Fitzgerald

SA: Katie Williams, Johanna Huffa, Sebastien Terreux

TAS: Georgina Hall

VIC: Dalton Burzacott, Nathan Willey, Daniel Leversha

WA: Aaron Hurst, William Botha, Jonene Barrett, Courtney Podmore

The 'Mawson Scholarship in Leadership' is a new National Training Program for Venturer Scouts aged 15 to 18 years which began for the first time this year. The Scholarship was named after  Sir Douglas Mawson, who was an Australian Antarctic explorer and geologist. Along with Roald Amundsen, Robert Falcon Scott, and Ernest Shackleton, Mawson was a key expedition Leader during the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration. His determination and toil was admired by Baden Powell.

Our team of intrepid Venturer Scouts didn’t head to Antartica but they did accept the challenge to learn the finer skills of team work. In their patrols they determined how the Scout Method could be used in the Premier’s Department, the CWA, a Footy Team and the CFS. Time was spent preparing and presenting talks, budgeting for events with success and learning the pitfalls of planning. The group learnt about how we market Scouting along with an update of our current marketing strategy. Camping took over one evening along with a raucous campfire that would have been heard for miles.

The whole group were outstanding ambassadors for both their Branches and Scouting in general. If these youth are our future Leaders, Scouting will be in great hands.

Well done to Aaron Wardle for the development of the whole Mawson program and to Reg Williams, Steve Tyas, David Jones, Vicki Knopke, Tony Soutter, John Clarke and all of our Guest Presenters for putting together a dynamic advanced Leadership Program for Venturer Scouts.

We hope to run another Mawson Scholarship in Leadership in 2012.

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