October 2010

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The Value of Rovers; World Scout Dollar Day; Scouts Australia Solar Panel Project; eLearning; savewater! Awards®; International News; Visit to Philippines; Scout shows in Australia; National Youth Council; Scouts Australia's National Ambassador - adventurer Andrew Lock; Scouts Australia Brand Manual; 13th World Scout Moot Kenya; Timor Leste Visit; Rovering Towards 2020; Lord Baden-Powell Society

The Value of Rovers

There is a view by some, that Rovers add no value and that Scouting would be better off if we put the effort expended on this Section into the Cub and Scout Sections to more effectively grow Scouting. These proponents have probably been “coloured” by the antics of the handful of Rovers who have not been discreet in their partying or perhaps haven’t been successful in getting Rovers to commit to work parties for Group and Branch activities or to fill in as Leaders.

The problem is that we in Scouting are not sure whether Rovers are a Youth Section or a Young Adult Section. If we consider them a Youth Section, our focus should be on developing their life skills in an adventurous but safe environment with a touch of service. However if, we consider them a young adult group then we would expect them to be largely service orientated with sufficient adventurous and fun activities to bind Crews together. (Click here for full article)

Reg Williams
Chief Commissioner of Australia

World Scout Dollar Day - 1st August 2010

Well, how did your Group go raising money for Scouts in Africa on World Scout Dollar Day?
Did you succeed in raising a dollar for every member in your Group or did you have a fund raising event and raise more than the dollar per member? Why don’t you let us know by writing to us or put it on Facebook and tell us how you went about it?

If you didn’t raise a dollar per member, there is still time, as the “Food for Life” program that we are supporting in Africa will be going for many years, if we can find the funds.

It’s time to send your collection into your local Branch so that they can pass it onto National HQ, who in turn will get it to the World Scout HQ in Geneva. For all those members who contributed, on behalf of National HQ and of course the Scouts of Africa, I would like to thank you for your contribution to this great project, which will make a difference to our brother and sister Scouts in Africa. (Click here for full article: more on the National Solar Panel Project)

 David W. Jones AM, FCA
Chairman, National Executive Committee

eLearning is almost here!

Greetings for this edition of E-News for 2010! We live in exciting times. There is certainly plenty happening everywhere at present, and one can sense the real excitement is starting to build, as each day that passes is a day closer to ‘Launch Day 2011’(or as we are starting to call it, ‘L Day 2011’). Yes, time is marching on quite quickly and 31st January 2011 will be here before we know it. Just think, by that stage, end of year Scouting events would have happened, Christmas and New Year over and all that planning and preparation for eLearning would have come to fruition. 2011 is going to be an historical year for Scouting in Australia. It is the year we formally use eLearning as a training delivery method to assist adults in Scouting to complete their training.

Since the last edition, our eLearning project, Leader Training – Access for all, has been steadily taking shape, with Modules developed in all Sections (most now complete), work advancing on completing the Venturer Scout and Rover training, and some great progress on updating and producing material for Leaders of Adults and Electives. Branch Training Administration staff and relative IT people have also been busy in preparing individual Branch systems for administration and recording processes, so that people undertaking eLearning can have their successful attainments recognised and recorded. This aspect has not been without its challenges in many Branches, but all are working hard to ensure successful and smooth operations. (Click here for full article)

Paul Parkinson
National Commissioner for Adult Training & Development

savewater! awards ®

Scouts Australia has been named as a finalist in the 2010 National savewater! awards® for the 100 Year Water Tank Project.

Now in their eighth year, the prestigious savewater! awards® have emerged as the leading water sustainability awards in Australia, recognising and rewarding excellence in water conservation and efficiency by business, government, schools, local communities, and individuals.

David W. Jones, representing Scouts Australia, was successful in securing Federal funding in 2007 for the establishment of the 100 Year Water Tank Project. This project was part of the celebration of 100 years of Scouting in Australia, and the goal was to install a 5000 litre water tank at every Scout Hall in Australia, thus providing Scout Groups with the ability to harvest natural rainwater and save potable drinking water.

The project was managed by David in conjunction with a commercial contractor, Storm Sustainability. Installations commenced in late 2007 and were completed in early 2010. A total of 1097 Scout Halls were supplied with a 5000 litre tank connected to the toilets. This unique, geographically challenging project was completed on time, within budget and without incident. As funds were still available after the Scout Hall installations, permission was given by the Federal Government to spend the balance on an extra 140 Scout campsites. (Click here for full article)

Gus Lloyd
National Adviser for Environment

International News

I am delighted to have been appointed as the new International Commissioner for Scouts Australia. At the outset, I would like to thank my predecessor, Emma Barker, for leading this important area of activity for the past 6 years.

Already, I am struck by the extremely hardworking and dedicated members of the International Team, including the Branch International Commissioners, my National Co-ordinators, and Contingent Leaders.

I also welcome to the International Team, Jason Thomson, Assistant International Commissioner, and Wendy Freeman, Executive Assistant (part time).

The International Team met on 31 July and 1 August to discuss our goals in international Scouting, and our priorities for the next 12 months. Inter alia, we developed a new vision, which is to assist every youth member of Scouts Australia to have an international Scouting experience. This could be without leaving our shores (e.g. section program activity on international Scouting, or JOTA/JOTI), or as part of an overseas contingent. We will be working hard over the coming years to fulfil that vision.

In response to feedback from NYC, Yakkery and other stakeholders, the International website has been re-vamped. I hope you now find it more user friendly and easy to navigate. To continue to improve it, we would welcome your feedback. (Click here for full article)

Neville Tomkins
International Commissioner

What's a McDonald's Boy?

In May/June this year, a group of Leaders from around the Asia Pacific Region of WOSM visited a Scout Camp out of Davao City in the Philippines. It was a cool night as the camp was up in the mountains, but the weather didn’t dampen the spirits of the 50 plus Scouts who were keen to share their camping skills and passion for Scouting. Everyone came together for parade and a number of the Scouts were asked to talk to the international group about the influence of Scouting on their lives. With over 100 people in the group, a microphone was required. Not only could you hear and feel the nerves in the voices of the young speakers, you also quickly picked up on their passion and enthusiasm, even if their English was limited.

One girl took a few minutes to become composed. Every word was translated; her words were filled with tears of happiness as she described how Scouting had changed her life. For the first time her life had purpose. Because of Scouting, she was now going to school and was planning for a successful future. Another talked about having friends, how she had learnt to speak English and was developing skills to live independently and, most importantly, safely. She explained what the Promise and Law meant for her. A boy stood up and spoke at length how, due to Scouting, his life would be different forever. He had learnt so much. At 17, he was now attending school – but only in primary school. He spoke confidently (in English), explained how he had stopped stealing and planned to be a leader in his community. We heard how, as a young child, his parents chose to move to Manila. They couldn’t afford to take all of their children, so he was left behind to live on the streets with all of the other street kids. He was known as a ‘McDonald’s Boy’ because he lived in the streets outside a McDonald’s store, surviving on the waste thrown into the bins. (Click here for full article and more on Performing Arts in Scouting)

John Clarke
National Commissioner for Youth Program

National Youth Council

The middle weekend in September saw the National Youth Council meet for their second face-to-face meeting for 2010. Over the weekend, our four patrols spent time working through their current discussion and action topics, whilst the whole council provided some feedback on some exciting national projects currently in the pipeline, including the National Leadership Program and Rovering Towards 2020 (otherwise known as the Rover review!). A big thank you goes out to Stephen and Chris and their team at Camp Cottermouth (ACT) for their hospitality – I highly recommend this campsite to anyone looking to spend some time in ACT. It’s great to see how well the site has recovered after the bushfires of 2003!

You may not be aware, but 2010 is the first year that NYC has had two face-to-face meetings in the one year! This, along with some other changes, will result in the NYC being more effective and ensure that Scouts Australia continues to have an effective youth involvement in decision making at a national level. Other changes being implemented within the NYC include incorporating Branch representatives, which will ensure better links and communication with the youth advisory body in each Branch; altering the membership of the council to 25 members; and reporting and presenting our work in a slightly different manner to ensure our ideas and feedback are presented directly to those who can use it! (Click here for full article)

Nathan Delaney
National Youth Council Chair

Being prepared for adventure!

Well, this year’s ‘old boys’ cross country ski trip was a great success. My Scouting mates of 30 years ago, Warwick, Mark, Steve and I, skied in from Guthega Power Station, up into the NSW high country to Schlink Hut. From there we spent several fun days exploring the ‘Rolling Grounds’ and the ‘Kerries’ and practised our telemark turns in unexpectedly good snow. Everything went well; the sun shone, the food was great, our equipment worked and we all enjoyed the experience without mishap.

Of course, things don’t always go to plan. Anyone of us could have twisted a knee or fallen on some unseen ice or rock under the snow. The stove might have failed, a ski broken or a big storm blown in and trapped us for an extra couple of days. But just how much of a problem that would have been, depended completely on our planning and preparation. And, with years of experience to fall back on, we knew to get the planning right before we ever set foot on the snow. Between us we had a comprehensive medical kit and the skills to use it, spare clothes, a full repair kit, spare food, spare fuel, two stoves, spare compass, spare maps, a GPS and emergency beacon. As a team of four, we could have split into two if we needed to send out a party to get help and the two tents gave us the safety net of being able to all squeeze into one, if the other tent was somehow destroyed or lost. We left the trip plan with family and contacted them as soon as we were back to the car, to let them know we were safe.

Why all the safety? Several reasons – firstly, if something had gone wrong, we were pretty well capable of taking care of the problem ourselves and that should always be part of a capable team’s planning. But secondly, if we weren’t able to cope with a significant emergency, then we had the means to quickly contact the emergency services and provide precise details of our location. The main benefit of course, was that with all that preparation, we could focus on having a great trip in the extraordinary wilderness environment that is the Australian Alps in winter, without the worry of being unprepared.


Things don’t always go smoothly in the outdoors but that is no reason not to take on appropriate challenges. With the right planning and preparation we give ourselves the best chance of tackling acceptable risk, both responsibly and successfully. Be prepared!               

Andrew Lock
Adventurer & Scouts Australia National Ambassador

The Scouts Australia Brand Manual is here!

This booklet is an invaluable resource for every member of Scouts Australia, because every one of us – whether a youth member, adult volunteer, supporter or employee - contributes to Scouts Australia’s ‘brand’. This manual covers Scouts Australia's philosophy, our new brand strategy, and information on how to communicate our brand.

A brand is much more than a logo, slogan or advertisement. Our brand is a collection of experiences and a set of fundamental principles as understood by anyone who comes into contact with Scouts Australia. It is our ‘reason for being’, and ultimately what people expect of us.

Scouts Australia has developed this set of national guidelines to help members understand our brand, inspire members to live up to our brand promise, and help them express our brand consistently and effectively to a wide range of audiences using a wide range of communication methods.

If you follow the guidelines, you will also find that the ‘brand’ will work for you. Ultimately it will help you recruit and retain adult volunteers and youth members for your Group, and this, in turn, will strengthen Scouts Australia as a national organisation.

You can download the manual, along with other resources such as Scouts Australia logos, a letterhead template and email signature by clicking here.

We encourage all our members to familiarise themselves with Scouts Australia’s brand guidelines, do their best to follow them… and enjoy the benefits!

13th World Scout Moot – Kenya July/August 2010

Scouting provides opportunities for some great international experiences! Here is one such experience from the 13th World Scout Moot held this year in Kenya.

(Article written by Moot participant, Hannah Lord)

The World Moot in Kenya this year was absolutely amazing. The unique thing about going to a World event is that you meet people from countries on the other side of the world. You speak a different language, and come from a different culture, but immediately you have something in common through Scouting. It gives you something to talk about, to break the ice, or just some reason to say ‘good morning’ to whoever is walking past you at your campsite wearing a scarf or bits and pieces of a uniform.

The 13th World Scout Moot was held in Kenya in July/August 2010. Scouts Australia had a contingent of 32 who went across to attend, and we had a great time with the thousands of Rovers from more than 70 countries who participated in the Moot. About half of the contingent also participated in a pre-tour, which took in the famous sites and animals of Kenya and Tanzania. The Moot itself was held at Rowallan Scout Camp in Nairobi, a beautiful campsite with a huge resident monkey population, plenty of trees and pretty good facilities (for Africa!).

The structure of the Moot was like most big Scouting events: the first few days on-site, then an ‘expedition’ where you travel off-site for a period of about five days, and then another five days or so back on-site doing various activities or just getting to know the other Scouts. Our expedition was to Kaiyaba, a place near the town of Nyeri in the mountainous region of Kenya, near Mt. Kenya. Others went to Embu, a campsite also near Mt. Kenya, and the rest of the Moot participants went to a place called Machakos. (Click here for full article)

Timor Leste Scouting

The world’s newest sovereign nation, yet one of the poorest countries, is only one hour’s flight from Darwin. Timor Leste is also a country that would benefit enormously from Scouting, with half the nation’s population under the age of 15 years and over 80% of youth unemployed.

To assist the growth and development of Scouting in Timor Leste, the Chief Commissioner of Australia (Reg Williams), National Chairman (David Jones) and I visited Dili, the capital of Timor Leste, in mid August. Specifically, our task, at the invitation of the Asia Pacific Region and Timor Leste Scouts, is to help the organisation to become a full member of World Scouting. Through this partnership, we are focusing our energies initially on the setting up of their national office. A further priority will be conducting a national census and leader training.

Representatives of Timor Leste Scouting extended us a very warm welcome. They talked with us about the challenges they face, and indicated very practical ways where we could support them, including equipment and furniture for their national office. Our plan, in the short term, is to also assist them with an Office Manager. In the longer term, we hope to assist them in securing their own, and permanent, building for their national office, for training and for selected activities.

Through a partnership with Rotary International (both Australia and Dili), and Timor Leste Scouts, Scouts Australia is supporting very practical projects to help the communities of Timor Leste. Projects could include the building of toilets for schools. Rovers across Australia are being invited to participate in this very exciting, and vitally important, service project.

For more details of the partnership service project with Rotary and Timor Leste Scouts, please contact Graeme Fordham, National Project Commissioner (Partnerships) at partnerships@scouts.com.au

For more details of our broader plan to assist the development of Scouting in Timor Leste, please feel welcome to email me at int.comm@scouts.com.au

Yours in Scouting,

Neville Tomkins
International Commissioner

Rovering Towards 2020

What do YOU think Aussie Rovering should look like in 2020? We want to hear from you!

During 2010-11, Scouts Australia is conducting its regular review of the Rover Section. This Review is called ‘Rovering Towards 2020’.

The purpose of Rovering Towards 2020 is to conduct a professional, considered and objective review of the Rover Section and make recommendations to ensure that Rovering contributes to the education of young adults through a value system based on the Promise and Law, to help build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society.

If you think that sounds pretty dry, rest assured that it isn’t! As we know, the Scouts Australia youth program aims to achieve this personal growth by providing young people with opportunities for new experiences and adventure using the Scout Method, and we all know that it’s FUN as well!!! Rovering Towards 2020 will ensure that the Rover program is consistent with this nationwide (and, indeed, worldwide) approach to Scouting. (Click here for full article)

Graeme Fordham
National Project Commissioner - Partnerships

Lord Baden-Powell Society

The Lord Baden-Powell Society is a member society made up of over 1200 prominent Australian citizens who help young Australians experience the benefits and joy of Scouting through providing private financial support. For over 25 years, the Lord Baden-Powell Society has assisted Scouting in Australia encourage young people to develop qualities such as self-reliance, discipline, high moral values, leadership, team building, and respect for each other and the environment.

In recent years, the Society has made significant contributions to Australian Scouting, giving $130,000 to $180,000 per annum to the State Branches to help keep the cost of Scouting low and enable more new Youth Members to join. The Society also distributes $40,000 per annum to financially-disadvantaged Scouts who would otherwise be unable to afford the attendance fees for national and international Jamborees. To learn more about the society, click here
(Click here for full article and more on the Jamboree Appeal)

Australian Scout Song Book

The Australian Scout Song Book is back in stock and available now through your Scouting retailer! The 2010 edition has been updated and revamped with a mixture of new songs and classic favourites.
Enhance the spirit of any meeting or campfire with traditional opening and closing songs, songs for worship, stunts and yells, and everything in between.
The Australian Scout Song Book is best suited to Joeys, Cubs and Scouts. Ging Gang Gooli, anyone?
Visit the Scouts Australia Product & Publications catalogue at www.scouts.com.au/resources for the Song Book product code and a full list of Scouting retailers.

Coming Up...

JOTA-JOTI (16-17 October 2010)

It's the biggest annual international Scouting event! Over half a million Scouts and Guides from around the world will take part in this year's Jamboree on the Air / Jamboree on the Internet. Will you be one of them?


MCHAPPY DAY (13 November 2010)

Scouts Australia is once again encouraging all its members to help seriously ill kids by helping to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House Charities on McHappy Day. Lend a hand at your local Macca's, or run your own fundraising event!


 OZ MOOT 2011 (30 Dec 2010 - 11 Jan 2011)
Experience adventure, experience Adelaide, experience OZ Moot! Expeditions have now been announced and are available for selection... the only problem you'll have is choosing which expedition to attend. The OzMoot website also has a stylish new look - check it out!


 22nd WORLD SCOUT JAMBOREE (27 July - 7 August 2011)
Once every four years, Scouts aged between 14 and 17 years old from around the world gather for two weeks of activities and adventure. Scouts Australia is sending an official Contingent to the 22nd World Scout Jamboree in Sweden in 2011... it's Simply Scouting!


Give Us Your Best Shot!

Scouts Australia is always on the look out for new and creative photos for use in publications like the Annual Report, National E Newsletter and also on the National Website. If you have great shots of events, activities and anything relating to Scouting, please send them in to nat.marcomms@scouts.com.au
or contact Natasha Omar at 02 8440 5905 for more details.

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