The Great Scouts Geocaching Competition

Geocaching is the world’s biggest treasure hunt. It involves using GPS receivers to find over 1.9 million hidden containers all around the world. In March, Scouts Australia will hold it’s first ever National geocaching competition with over $10,000 worth of prizes for the top geocachers.


The challenge is simple, all you need to do is find as many geocaches in six months as possible, starting on the 15 March and ending on the 15 August.


The competition is open to all members, including Leaders, and you can register as an individual, as part of a team or both. You will need a free account to register and you can register before or during the competition.


Scouts Australia is also producing a range of optional geocaching merchandise including a geocoin, pathtags and geocaching container. There will also be a geocaching badge that you can add to you camp blanket. All merchandise will be available for purchase from


The total competition prize pool includes over $10,000 worth of awesome Magellan GPS receivers and Scouts Australia geocaching merchandise. Magellan is also providing a special discount to Scouts Australia members across their entire GPS receiver range.


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