National Adviser - National Youth Council and National Youth Forums

Mr Peter Fowler

Peter was appointed to the role in March 2013. The position plays an important part in advocating for Youth Involvement in Decision Making as a central tenant of the Scout Method at a National level.  The Adviser takes on two main responsibilities:

  • To support the Scouts Australia National Youth Council as the only member over the age of 26 (and with no voting rights), to allow our young members to have input into the development of national policies and rules, particularly those involving the youth program. He also helps to develop individuals on the Council, in line with the Areas of Personal Growth, through the Scout Method which is important to the Councils operations.

  • To coordinate and facilitate youth involvement on a larger scale by organising National Youth Forums at all major events – Jamborees, Moots and Ventures. These bring together large groups of our young members to provide their thoughts on a range of issues facing Scouting.

Peter started Scouting as a Cub at 5th/6th Central Moorabbin Scout Group in Victoria, a group he has remained a part of ever since. He has been a Cub, a Scout, a Venturer, an Assistant Cub-Scout Leader and currently is a Scout Leader. He completed Cub section basic training in 2008 and the Scout section Woodbadge in 2010. In 2010, he was awarded a Silver Arrowhead (Adult recognition awards).


Peter is a passionate advocate for the Patrol System and Youth Involvement/Empowerment, ensuring it is an integral part of all the things he does in Scouting.


Peter has attended three Jamborees, one as a Scout and two a as line leader (AJTL at AJ 2010 and JTL at 2013). He has been a facilitator at the Victorian Branch Scout Youth Forum for a number of years and also at the Yakkery and Youth Forum held at AJ2013.


Outside of Scouting, Peter works in a small architectural practice in Melbourne.




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