A great new opportunity has arisen for Scouts to work for their Landcare Badge through taking part in Landcare endorsed events like Tree Day. So make sure you sign up for either the Schools Tree Day (27 July) or the National Tree Day (29 July) now.

Participating in  Planet Ark National Tree Day on 29 July is a great way for Scouts to work towards getting your Landcare Badge! Each year, over 3500 people put up their hand to do their part by becoming a National Tree Day site coordinator.


You can organise a National Tree Day site in your local park, school or university, at a nearby creek, roadside or bushland area, even in your own backyard! If our national dates don't suit you, simply run the activity on a day that does. Registering your site with Planet Ark will give you site insurance, exclusive offers for plants and established promotional materials and support.


To read some inspiring stories about what National Tree Day site coordinators have achieved, please click hereFor a step by step guide to organising a site, click this link.   

In the past attendees have enjoyed National Tree Day greatly. Some comments include:
"Bringing people together to build up our local community. It's fantastic to see people motivated and given an opportunity to contribute to the improvement of our environment."

"Being out in the open air with other people, adults, children and dogs and sharing the experience and doing something really worthwhile."

"A great sense of fun and of sharing and a feeling that our small contribution can make great changes that last many lifetimes."


In addition to planting native trees and shrubs that will support native wildlife, Tree Day activities can be extended to include a range of pursuits that will benefit the environment and foster a greater appreciation of natural habitats in your community.

So what are you waiting for? Register for National Tree Day today - a Scout cares for the environment.


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