Scouts Australia’s Digital Revolution takes Leaders to new heights!

2012 is a great year for Leaders!

Be Prepared for New Adventure as Scouts Australia revolutionises Scouting for Leaders around Australia through Scout Central.

Following on from the huge success of e-Learning, Scouts Australia’s new digital platform, Scout Central, has been created, solely to provide the best possible resources for Leaders, helping them save time, become more efficient, effective and better informed in delivering great Scouting!

Through Scout Central, Leaders around Australia can finally use a single system log-in. Using their e-Learning credentials, Leaders can now access Scout Central and catch up with the latest news from National and their Branch; read Facebook and Twitter Feeds; update their knowledge about the Areas of Personal Growth; find out everything they need to know about the Award Scheme from Joey Scouts to Rovers; and much more. 

Using the brand new Program Finder, Leaders now have access to hundreds of Activities, Games and complete Programs for their Section, for nights and camps. To make things even better, each Program is linked with the Areas of Personal Growth and the Award Scheme. Leaders can now rate and provide feedback on the Programs listed and even share new, exciting Programs they might have with other Leaders around Australia.

Through the Online Library Leaders can now download numerous free publications and through the Advertising and Promotions page, find resources helping them to promote Scouting better. Leaders are even able to access e-Learning via Scout Central.

Scout Central is just the first stage of Scouts Australia’s Digital Revolution in the online and mobile sphere, aimed to make Scouting better, more efficient and more effective for Leaders and youth around Australia.

So become part of the Scouting Digital Revolution today!

Check out Scout Central at

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