Play The New Secret Island Adventure Scouts Game App Now!


The Scouts: Secret Island Adventure (SIA) is finally here! This brand new app will test your outdoor skills to the limit. With over 5 hours of gameplay, this is an adventure game that appeals to the 31 million worldwide Scouts, as well as fans of adventure games such as Zelda and Broken Sword. 


Customise your avatar then begin this epic quest to discover the Chief Scout’s Secret Knowledge. Explore the huge Island and negotiate the forest, mountain, rivers and village in your search for the Secret Knowledge. You will have to have your wits about you, collecting, combining and using items to solve perplexing puzzles, complex obstacles and head-scratching challenges. 


And the adventure doesn’t end there. Hidden on the Island are 3 mini-games: hang-gliding, mountain boarding and kayaking. Unlock these mini-games, test your reflexes and the reaction times of your friends to see who can get the topscore. Are you Scout enough to discover the Secret Knowledge? Find out by playing the Scouts: SIA Game App now!


The Scouts: SIA Game App is currently available at the App Store for I Phones for just $2.99 or via Google Play for Android phones at just $3.09. For more information on this exciting App go to the Scouts: SIA Game App website, like it on Facebook or follow it on Twitter.


Scouting is the biggest youth movement in the world spanning 161 countries. Providing fun, adventure and opportunities to boys and girls, Scouts helps young people develop leadership and team skills and discover their potential. Founded on the principals of the Scout Method, which promotes independence and care for others, the Scouts are a positive influence on children and teenagers all over the world. The Scouts: Secret Island Adventure is a brand new game that embraces the fun, challenge and adventure of 21st century Scouting.


Read some of the independent customer reviews for this exciting game and buy your App today!

Customer Reviews

Great point and click adventure 

Love this....really fun to play and has some practical and intelligent puzzles to solve for my twelve year olds...
Takes me back to the real thing :) Recommend for Scouts and adventure gamers everywhere

Scouts SIA 

Great app already spent far too long playing it - my kids will love it as well - Well done!!

Hours of fun packed with challenges. 

This game is great value. The main game really makes you think an u get a real sense of achievement completing the tasks you're set. The mini games are just plain exciting.



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