We are pleased to announce the newly released free World Scouting App for the iPhone, created by Scout Australia member, Oleksander Motyka. With the new SCOUTS App, scouts from around the world can now  access the latest scouting information from the World Organisation of the Scout Movement, directly on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch mobile devices. SCOUTS,  the Scout World Organisation's newest application, is available for download from the Apple App Store and is compatible with iOS 4 or later. Get easy and convenient access to scouting news and information from the free SCOUTS APP. 
  • Discover the latest news articles from World Scouting or from your favourite region in your preferred language (Arabic, English, French, Russian and Spanish supported)

  • Download books and other materials from the WOSM library (English and French supported)

  • Enjoy the latest videos or photos from the World Scout galleries (A new gallery will be added during the World Scout Jamboree.)

Enjoy photo's and videos of the latest scouting events. Watch yourself and fellow scouts during the next World Scout Jamboree! To watch a video of the new SCOUTS app click here.

             To install the SCOUT application visit the App Store and search for SCOUTS or simply click here.







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