National Water Week

20-26 October 2013

As we all know, water is one of our most precious resources!!! The Australian Water Association (AWA) is offering Scouts across Australia the opportunity to learn more about water issues in Australia thanks to the National Water Week Ambassador Initiative.


The vast majority of water accounting for over 98 per cent on the Earth's surface is saline - or salty – water, principally in the oceans. But it is the freshwater resources, such as the water in streams, rivers, lakes, and ground water that provide people, and all life, with most of the water we need to live. Australia is the driest inhabited continent, with a limited supply of fresh water.

Water must be used wisely if there is to be enough to meet the needs of future generations. Awareness about the amount of water used in everyday tasks is the first step in developing a responsible approach to water use. That is why the theme for this year’s National Water Week is ‘Valuing our Water’.

It is the variability and volatility of water in Australia, rather than a general lack of water that causes our water problems. It is times like now, when the dam levels are up, that we should look at the long term by continuing to encourage sound water practices and investment in diverse sources of water – whether these be recycling, desalination inter-basin transfers or demand management.

The National Water Week Ambassador Initiative aims to improve understanding of water issues amongst communities and, in particular, young people across Australia. A team of NWW ambassadors will volunteer their time to visit schools and community groups, including Scout Groups, to present on a range of water topics, such as an introduction to water, what happens to our waste water, and water at work.


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