McHappy Day - 9 Nov 2013


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Every McDonald’s restaurant in Australia participates in McHappy Day, but each restaurant will run things slightly differently. The same goes for Scout Groups - ultimately YOU are in the best position to know what will work best for your Group.

The most likely scenario for McHappy Day is that McDonald’s staff will give your Scouts a bucket and send them around the indoor/outdoor dining areas (2-3 Scouts per bucket) to ask customers for donations. However, there may be other options. For example, in the past Groups have conducted a car wash in a closed off area of the McDonald’s car park, set up stalls, information stands or activities outside the restaurant, helped out in the drive-through, assisted staff behind the counter, helped with face-painting, and so on.


Please do not hesitate to discuss your thoughts with your McHappy Day Event Manager and work out your own tailor-made plan for the day.

Some things to consider...

  • This year McDonald’s has asked all visiting Groups to organise roster shifts, limiting numbers to 10-20 people at one time. This is comply with Occupation Health & Safety standards within restaurants and to increase enjoyment of Groups. Groups can take half hour to one hour shifts depending on the number of people participating in each Group and the age of youth members.

  • McDonald’s has suggested that Groups should try to participate between 10.30am or 11am and finish by 3pm as these are the most active times in restaurants. Please liaise with your nominated restaurant Event Manager to confirm the best shift times, how you can be of most assistance or things that the restaurant can do to make the day fun and appealing for Scouts.

  • Can you find a way to tie McHappy Day in with your regular Mob, Pack, Troop, Unit or Crew activities?

  • Can you use McHappy Day as an opportunity for your members to work towards earning Participation/Award Scheme badges?

  • Can you use McHappy Day as an opportunity to promote the benefits of Scouting to the wider community?

  • Get those uniforms looking spiffy! Scouts Australia recommends that all members wear their uniforms while fundraising.

Don’t forget to take photos on the day to post on the Scouts Australia website! Forward them to your Branch Coordinator, or to Natasha Omar, National Manager, Marketing Communications via email or Drop Box to


Some Groups did the following activities in McHappy Day 2012:

    Berwick Central Scout Group (VIC): “The Cubs and Scouts had a great day. They enjoyed collecting money at the drive-thru and helping with the collections and competitions within the store. Despite the hiccups (which of course, the kids do not see), we would absolutely participate again next year.”       

    2nd Thornton Scout Group (NSW): “The youth thought it was fantastic to help raise money for McHappy Day. The older kids had a great time and thought it was great to be able to help out behind the counter serve customers. The younger kids had fun standing in the restaurant and on drive thru collecting money etc...All of the kids enjoyed being able to help out & raise money for McDonald's to help sick kids and their families.”       

    1st Caroline Springs (VIC): “Youth were very excited about raising money and the staff were very attentive towards the youth. Their favourite part at one McDonalds was collected donations at the drive-thru and at another McDonalds Scouts were painting faces for gold coin donations.”

    2nd Busselton Sea Scout Group (WA): “Our Youth members loved collecting money. They took around raffle books and sold raffle tickets, they carried collection buckets to ask for donations in the store and at the doors. Older Scouts collected at the end of the drive-thru area. Cubs and Joeys handed out Balloons, help organise colouring in activities. Scouts and adults helped with face painting. McDonald’s had an ambulance onsite to show children around in. Scouts helped escort children (including Cubs and Joeys) through the car park to the ambulance. Scouts/Cubs/Joeys all were 'casualties' for the ambulance with nearly all youth members ending up wearing bandages, slings etc. None were injured but it did look like McHappy Day was hazardous to Scout members! The Youth LOVED being injured'.”

    Canterbury Vale (NSW): The youth members enjoyed selling the raffle tickets and arranging for sales of guesses for the guessing competition and passing the bucket round They enjoyed helping in all the activities that the staff provided for the day. We will be planning it as a District event again next year.

    Stafford Joey Scouts (QLD): “They loved helping, the enjoyed interacting with the public and having people buy their raffle tickets or guess the number of lollies in the jar. I enjoyed seeing my Joeys doing something new, that they were initially not quite comfortable with and then excelling at it. My Section would love to do it again next year, but we would ask to be at a bigger McDonald's.“

    Kincumber/Bensville Scout Group,(NSW): “The kids really enjoyed this once again, they walked around selling tickets for a lolly competition, handed out colouring competition sheets, got their faces painted, then helped painting others. We also took our advertising banner and leaflets, so used this day for advertising Scouts as well.”

    Edinburgh Park Scout Group (SA): “Youth members were enthusiastic and very proud to be helping raise money for sick children. They enjoyed collecting money, blowing up balloons and handing balloons out to children in store and sticking the hands on the windows.” 

    Please don’t hesitate to discuss your thoughts with the restaurant McHappy Day Event Manager and work out your own tailor-made plan for the day.


      Legal issues and safety

    As the Scout Groups will be fundraising on McDonald’s property, they will be covered by McDonald’s insurance and Authority to Fundraise.

    McDonald’s has strict safety guidelines and each restaurant has a Safety Officer on duty at all times who ensures proper procedures are followed. In the majority of cases Scouts will be restricted to fundraising in the restaurants’ indoor/outdoor dining areas (thus avoiding hazards such as car parks and main roads).


    Local media may wish to interview/photograph Scout Groups that are getting involved in McHappy Day. If journalists approach you or a Group directly, please go about organising this in your usual way. If this occurs in a Restaurant please also notify the McHappy Day Event Manager.

    In some instances, journalists may approach McDonald’s to organise a Scout-related McHappy Day story. McDonald’s will be using the agency Professional Public Relations (PPR) to coordinate media liaison. PPR will be briefed on the challenges of getting Scout Groups and Leaders together on short notice (due to school and work commitments, etc.) and will therefore advise journalists that short deadlines are unlikely to be accommodated. If a journalist wishes to proceed, PPR will liaise directly with the National Coordinator who will then put them in touch with you.


    Your Branch Coordinator will forward you any new information you may need as it becomes available. The National website will also have up-to-date information about McHappy Day. If you have any questions about McHappy Day, please contact your Branch Coordinator or email


    Thank you for participating in McHappy Day 2013. With your help, Ronald McDonald House Charities can really make a positive difference to the lives of seriously ill children and their families!


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