Society Supports Young Scouts Heading to Japan

As a result of the generosity of Lord Baden-Powell Society members, last year the Jamboree Fund was used to support over 300 young Scouts to attend the Australian Jamboree in Maryborough, Queensland. These are young people who without that support would not have been able to attend.
Over the past few years, the focus of the Jamboree Fund has been to provide assistance to young Scouts from needy families to attend Australian Jamborees and Ventures. Due to the continued generosity of our members, we now feel it is time to expand the scope of our support to include young people who might not otherwise be able to attend the World Jamboree in Japan in July/August 2015. Our goal is to provide $50,000 to ensure 12 young Scouts who otherwise could not attend be there. The Jamboree program will be based on the concepts of world peace and harmony between nature and humankind. A World Jamboree is an experience of a life time and due to the relative proximity of Japan and the strength of the Australian dollar, levels of interest in the event are at historic highs.

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No. 40, Dec 2013 (Download, PDF 1.73MB)

  • Introducing the new President of Scouts Australia
  • Australia leads the way in Leader Training
  • History created in Myanmar

No. 39, May 2013 (Download, PDF 1.45MB)

  • Letters of thanks from young Scouts at AJ2013
  • History of the Gang Show
  • Why so many Scouts become Community Leaders

No. 38, December 2012 (Download, PDF 1.73MB)

  • New Record Set for Jamboree Appeal
  • Grooming Our Future Leaders at Camp Cottermouth
  • Sea Scouts represent Australia in US Regatta

No. 37, May 2012 (Download, PDF 1.81MB)

  • Wild Dayz 2012
  • AJ2013
  • Chief Commissioner opens new nature trail at Ingleside 

No. 36, December 2011 (Download, PDF 1.98MB)

  • LBPS Member Dick Smith Unveils Sculpture in Sydney
  • 2013 Australian Jamboree in Queensland heating up
  • LBPS Funds help 6 Rovers in Timor Leste 

No. 35, May 2011 (Download, PDF 1.24MB)

  • NZ AdventureJam
  • Floods in Queensland
  • 22nd World Scout Jamboree

No. 34, December 2010 (Download, PDF 1.19MB)

  • Jamboree Fund Update
  • Share Your Story
  • What is E-Learning?
  • Online payment options

No. 33, May 2010 (Download, PDF 1.03MB)

  • Jamboree Fever!!! This edition features heaps of amazing stories and photos from AJ2010, the 22nd Australian Jamboree, as well as some big THANK YOUS from the Scouts you supported!
  • 2009 Member Survey Results


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