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·         National Youth Council Chair

·         National Rover Scout Council Chair

·        National Adviser - National Youth Council and National Youth Forums

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* The Commencement for advancement in Sections may vary up to 6 months

         Adult Volunteers


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         Scouts Australia Institute of Training (SAIT)

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·         Clean Up The World

·         National Water Week

·         Conservation Volunteers Australia

            World Scout Environment Badge

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·         Requirements to earn the Badge

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         Environment Charter

         Scout Environment Weeks

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        Environment Competitions

     Environement News, Info and Links

         National Projects & Partnerships

        Human Rights BackMeUp Competition on Cyber-Bullying

        McHappy Day 

        Environment Partners

         Timor-Leste Project

      Scouting & the United Nations

         Scouting for Australian Defence Force Families

   Scouts in Action Week                 

         Lord Baden-Powell Society

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         Scouts of the World Award

         Performing Arts in Scouting

         Mawson Scholarship in Leadership

   AV 2015 - 16th Australian Venture 

   Scouts in Action Week 

   Scouts Australia's 1st National School in Adventurous Activities Begins     

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         Rovering Towards 2010   

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