25 Ways You can Recycle Your Old PC


With the fast changing pace of technology it is no surprise that every few years our trusted computer is now an extinct model replaced by a brand new computer.

'Electronic Waste', defined by Wikipedia as discarded comptuers, office electronic equipment and other electronic devices  is a growing problem in the West. However CHOICE - The People's Watchdog for Australian Consumers, in its article '25 things to do with your old computer' discusses 25 clever ways of preventing your old computer to take up space in your house, before the machine gets put out for the council clean up! The article provides innovative and enlightening tips of of things you can do which extend from scrapping and recycling different parts to converting the computer into a variety of devices from an answering machine, fax machine, scanner support to even a CCTV Controller and juke box. This insightful article helps you to protect the environment, save money and lengthen the life of your computer! 

To read '25 things to do with your old computer' click here.


Sourced with permission from CHOICE. For more information about CHOICE go to www.choice.com.au


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