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2017 is proving to be a very demanding year for the Lord Baden-Powell Society. With the 25th Australian Jamboree fast approaching, we have been inundated with requests and feedback already. Due to the generosity of our members over recent years, the Management Committee has set a goal to provide Grants totalling $200,000 to support youth members attend the 25th Australian Jamboree in January 2019.

This is the highest amount ever offered for any event in the history of the Society and kicks off what will be a demanding year for the Lord Baden- Powell Society. We hope that our members and supporters will rally to help us in achieving this milestone to assist disadvantaged Scouts across Australia enjoy the life changing experiences that a Jamboree can provide.

Jesse Simpson, VIC


Normal jessExperiencing a Jamboree and seeing how much Scouting has to offer inspires me to do great, achieve my ASM and continue through Venturers and Rovers and perhaps one day become a Leader and help educate our future scouts.

I would like to personally thank the Lord Baden-Powell Society, without them I would be at Scouts listening to others talk about the Jamboree and wishing, just wishing that I would have had the opportunity to attend.

Henry Stone, QLD


Normal henry stoneI’d like to thank you for allowing me to go on the incredible adventure of AJ2013. This could only happen because of the Grant my parents received from the Lord Baden Powell Society.

I had a great time socialising, having fun at the activities, washing, cooking and making new friends. People came from all around the world and one of my best experiences was meeting someone from Japan.

This once in a life time experience was amazing and it’s all thanks to YOU.


Chris Harper, NSW


Normal chris harperWithout you I could not have gone to the Jamboree and experienced the fun and all the challenging activities, the fantastic concerts, fireworks and meeting new people all around Australia!!

So thank you so much for giving me the this wonderful experience.



Georgia Brown, TASNormal georgina

I was very privileged and very lucky to receive a grant from the Baden-Powell Society Grant which helped me go to the Jamboree.

Going to the Jamboree was like a big holiday with over 11,000 Scouts from all over Australia and the world.

I had an amazing time at the jamboree and hoping to go to AJ2016 which is being held in Sydney.



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