Conservation Volunteers Australia 

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Scouts Australia is proud to announce that it has just signed an agreement to collaborate with Conservation Volunteers in an effort to preserve the Environment. To that effect, Conservation Volunteers will be working with Scouts Australia to develop a suitable Scout Badge which recognizes and commemorates the partnership between these two organisations. Further discussions to develop this new Badge in line with the Scouts Badge requirements will be pursued by the National Volunteer Engagement Manager.  

Conservation Volunteers Australia's mission statement is to attract and manage volunteers to participate in projects that protect or enhance our environment and heritage. Similarly, Scouting plays an important role in connecting people with the natural world, teaching Scouts to take positive action to protect the environment. This collaboration is therefore a significant one for both Scouts Australia and Conservation Volunteers Australia. More information on this collaboration as well as the unveiling of the New Badge will follow shortly.

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CVA's 'Little Desert Nature Lodge' - A great place for Scout Programs

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Conservation Volunteers has recently acquired Little Desert Lodge and has been developing a host of great environmental activities programs to appeal to Scouts of all ages.

Little Desert Nature Lodge is a peaceful hidden treasure set on 117 hectares of natural bushland and is guaranteed to provide a unique environmental experience. Conveniently located halfway between Adelaide and Melbourne, the Lodge is 16km South of Nhill just off the Western Highway and approximately an hours drive from Horsham. Situated on the edge of the pristine Little Desert National Park,  the Lodge is a great base for your next adventure. 

It's guides share their knowledge and passion for the Little Desert including highlights such as:

  • The rare and elusive Malleefowl or ‘Lowan’ bird 

  • A Unique School's Environmental Education Program

  • Excellent Accommodation & Camping Facilities

  • Stunning Wildflowers

  • Abundant Birds & Wildlife 

  • Bushwalking & Nature Trails


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