Adult Training & Development Program


The Scout Association of Australia is responsible for designing and operating a national curriculum for the training and development of Adults in all functions and at all levels. The system includes the acquisition and development of the knowledge and skills necessary for each function and the personal development of Adults. It is flexible and allows for previous experience and skills to be evaluated, and allows for the acquisition of additional skills and knowledge.



The Adult Training and Development program is specially designed for Australian Adults in Scouting and Australian conditions. It complies with the objectives of the World Scout Committee.

This program includes the integration of the new Leader, basic and advanced training and support for the duration of the appointment and other key non-uniformed roles.

Basic training will normally be completed within six months of entry into the Movement. This results in presenting the Gilwell Woggle and the Certificate of Adult Leadership.

Advanced training will normally be completed within two to three years. This results in presenting the Wood Badge, including a set of wood beads, a parchment and Gilwell Scarf.

Supplementary training programs are also offered in specific areas as well as non-uniformed roles such as the Group Support Committee and there exists the opportunity to complete further basic and advanced training when a member changes roles. A key offering in supplementary training is gaining capability in a variety of outdoor activity pursuits, in particular in the area of Adventurous Activities.

Rover Scouts are eligible to complete Wood Badge Training. To do so they must be in a leadership role within Scouting and be able to fully demonstrate the evaluation requirements for the Wood Badge. This should take place over a minimum of four months and can occur at any level. The Branch Adult Training and Development Commissioner will coordinate, and be responsible for the final evaluation.

A National Team of Trainers, Assessors, Instructors, Guides and Personal Leader Advisers support the implementation and evaluation of the program.



A National approach for the recognition of existing skills and previous experience exists, enabling Adults to demonstrate the transfer of the full range of an individual’s skills and knowledge, irrespective of how it has been acquired, to their Scouting role.



The following positions support the delivery and ongoing support of training:

  • The National Commissioner, Adult Training and Development, is responsible for the development and coordination of the National Adult Training & Development Curriculum. 
  • Personal Leader Advisers are appointed to assist each new adult member with his/her training and ongoing support.
  • Instructors are appointed nationally to assist in the training and support of members who are working in the adventurous activity areas.
  • Assessors are appointed nationally to conduct the evaluation procedures for all adult members.
  • Leader Trainers and Assistant Leader Trainers are appointed nationally to conduct and evaluate training programs.