National General Manager

Cathy Morcom 

Cathy Morcom - National General Manager Cathy Morcom has significant experience in Program and Change Management, Culture and Leadership and Stakeholder Engagement and Communication.

Cathy's family has had an ongoing involvement in Scouts going back to when her husband Brendon started as a Cub Scout and when she was a girl guide in Ireland. Two of her children have been awarded the Grey Wolf and are now Scouts and her third is soon to be invested as a Cub Scout. Her husband is a Scout leader and Cathy is the Group President for a Scout Group in the Sydney North Region.

She started her career with the BBC in Ireland, and since then has worked in the UK, Asia and Australia in addition to having Program accountabilities in Silicon Valley and across mainland Europe. She most recently worked for KPMG Australia with clients across a large number of industries including Financial Services, Telco, Utilities and the Public Sector.

"I am very excited to be part of the National team for Scouts Australia and in particular very much look forward to working collaboratively with the Chief Commissioner, the Chair of the National Executive Committee and the National Support Team. It will be an honour to work with the branches on the implementation of the new Youth Program and to help embed the great concept of "Youth-led, adult-supported" across all of our Regions, Districts and Groups.

"I aim to work closely with our youth-members and volunteers alike to ensure we all go on the journey together, to make this Association even greater than it is today, to endeavor to be locally adapted and globally united."

"I am passionate about bringing to life all of our values, our purpose, our mission and our principles for all our youth members, in an environment that has the right balance of freedom within boundaries, challenge and safety, and empowerment versus accountability."

Together, the National team and volunteers across the country will continue to encourage collaboration, diversity of thinking and experimentation for our youth members – so they can truly reach their full physical, emotional, social and spiritual potentials.

Cathy's hobbies include travelling, classical music, swimming, socializing and spending time with her family. She has travelled extensively and has passed the love of travel onto her children who relish the opportunity to witness firsthand other cultures, faiths, values and lifestyles. Highlights include visiting our World Vision Child in northern Mozambique, experiencing safari in South Africa and a train trip through the Swiss Alps to Italy.

Cathy has an MBA, is a member of the Australia Institute of Company Directors and has recently commenced a Doctorate in Organisational Psychology.