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The National Rover Scout Council (NRC) Executive consists of a Chair, Vice Chair and a Training and Development Officer. The elections for these positions are held at the annual NRC Conference in January. In 2016 the NRC Executive is:


This team works together to develop a strategic plan and then implement this over the course of the year. They also liaise with the Branch Rover Scout Council Chairs and the Branch Commissioners for Rovers (or their equivalent) in each state to help them with issues and ideas.

The National Rover Scout Council Chair is a member of the National Team and attends National Team, National Operations and National Executive meetings. Through attending these meetings Rover Scouts are represented at a National level and their voice is encouraged and heard.

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As a result of the 2011 Rover Review 'Rovering Towards 2020', Leah Bach was appointed as the new National Rover Scout Council Adviser.

The  Adviser to the National Rover Scout Council provides support and guidance to the National Rover Scout Council Executive. Leah is also the Chair of the Rover Review Implementation Committee which is responsible for the implementation of the recommendations of the Rover Review 2020.


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Rover Scout Award Scheme Information 

Guidelines for rovering   The Crew and its Program

For the latest information on the Rover Scout Award Scheme please refer to the Guidelines For Rovering  and The Crew and its Program which explain the new Rover Scout Award Scheme in detail. For more information you can also see the Rover Scouts website

What is a National Rover Scout Council Conference?

The National Rover Scout Council Conference is held annually in January, usually following the major event for the year (Jamboree, Venture or Moot). The Conference usually runs over three days and incorporates State/Territory reports, discussions and workshops, and networking activities. The Conference is an excellent opportunity for Branch Rover Scout Council Chairs, their delegates and observers, to meet with Rover Scouts from other states and share their knowledge and ideas and learn from one another in a positive environment. It is also an opportunity for States to put forward papers, plans and ideas to the council to be voted upon so the Chair can then take the resolutions to the National Operations Meeting.

If you think attending a National Rover Scout Council Conference is something that may interest you or if you have any questions in regards to your Branch Rover Scout Council, please contact your Branch Rover Scout Council Chair:


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