Trevor Fearnley

Trevor fernley

“Scouts offers independence and leadership skills to people from a young age.”
- Trevor Fearnley

Trevor Fearnley, CEO and Chairman of AdPartners, is a Member of Scouts Australia’s National Council. His extensive marketing and communications experience has been of tremendous assistance in building Scouting’s profile over recent years.

Trevor is an Australian citizen, but was originally involved in the Owls Section of UK Scouting between the ages of nine to twelve. He became involved through a Scouting program in schools.

“I enjoyed the camps and adventures in the woods and forests, sitting around the campfire on chilly nights in England, and the comradeship of fellow Scouts,” Trevor said.

“I left school at age 16 and really had to stand on my own two feet in life. I did a number of courses at night school and completed a Diploma in Advertising and Communication in London. I have always had a pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit, coming to Australia as a ten pound immigrant when I was just 20 and had just married. Scouting taught me to plan and execute strategy and achieve outcomes.”

Trevor is a man of diverse interests. As well as his family, social causes and business, he enjoys opera, ballet, live theatre, cycling and bushwalking.

In 1997 he was honoured to receive an Order of Australia for his work with The Salvation Army and the OASIS Youth Care Network. In 2002 he received a Prime Minister’s Award on behalf of the OASIS Youth Care Network, and in 2003 he was made a Paul Harris Fellow by Rotary International. Trevor now brings his fundraising and communication skills to numerous not-for-profit boards of which he is a member.