Sally Browne

Sally Browne

“The tremendous tips and tools I learnt through Scouting certainly trained me for life.”
- Sally Browne

Former Cub Leader Sally Browne began her career in fashion as a teenager, working in a factory to learn sewing and manufacturing. She became a sales trainee at Sportsgirl, and was eventually promoted to buyer, controller of five fashion departments and designer of the "Just for Sportsgirl" label.

In 1970 she started her own company, Sally Browne Pty Ltd, and by 1995 was designing 500 styles a year for four fashion labels which supplied 400 boutiques throughout Australia. Her work earned her numerous fashion awards, including the Award for Excellence from the Fashion Group International Incorporated in 1993, the most coveted award for service to the fashion industry. She was made a member of the Fashion Hall of Fame in 1987, only the thirteenth Australian fashion designer to win the industry's highest accolade.

Sally is an accomplished public speaker whose presentations are aimed at helping her audiences to live and work to their full potential. Sally’s presentations focus on Challenges, Change and Choices, areas in which she is an expert. From building a multi-million dollar fashion empire and winning a myriad of awards for excellence in design and business leadership, to working in Finland with Polar developing the first heart rate stress monitor and being a mother of four, Sally aims to live an adventurous, philanthropic, meaningful life.

"Don't let fear get in the way of your dream!” Sally says. “No matter if your dream is conquering Everest, starting a business, building a better relationship, pursuing your chosen path, having a baby or writing 'that' book, just don't let fear get in the way of your dream!"

Sally truly believes we can achieve what ever we commit to, and with dedication, focus and preparation we can surprise ourselves with our ability to master challenges. In the late 90s she went for ‘a bit of a stroll' in the Everest Region to overcome her fear of heights, and during July and August 2005 she lived in Africa for 28 days doing walking safaris in Kenya with the Masai Mara tribe, climbing Table Mountain in Cape Town and climbing to the summit of Mt Kilamanjaro in Tanzania.

Sally says her experiences in Scouts have taught her to “be prepared”.

"As a Cub Leader I never rose to the honoured and hallowed heights of an Akela. I was merely a mongoose known as Riki Tiki Tavi in The Jungle Book. After five years in Scouting, I began to produce sons, three in a row. Talk about 'be prepared' - I was. Through my Scout training I was able to teach my sons survival skills in the bush, knots for fishing and flying foxes, great campfire yarns and rowdy games,” she explains.

"For Cub games and activities, we were told that boys could only concentrate for as many minutes as they were years old - seven minute games for seven-year olds were perfect. And it is a truism in real life too. In my public speaking I have found the same rule works, 15-year-olds focus for 15 minutes, 45-year-olds for 45, and 60-year-olds for 60 minutes. The tremendous tips and tools I learnt through Scouting certainly trained me for life."

Sally is committed to encouraging and mentoring the next wave of business leaders. She personally mentors a number of young business people and in the 1990s she was the founder of the Business World Young Heroes Awards. She is also co-founder of ‘Women In High Heels’ (a group of high profile businesswomen with a social conscience), an Ambassador for Museum Victoria, and an Australia Day Ambassador. Sally serves on a number of committees and is involved in fundraising for many charities.

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