Jamie Durie

The famous and respected television host was a Scout!

Jamie Durie

Jamie Durie, host of Channel Nine’s Australia's Best Backyards and star of the Oprah Winfrey Show, was formerly a Scout and this helped nurture his love of nature and adventure.

Jamie, originally from Manly in Sydney, spent much of his time in the mining town of Tom Price in north Western Australia where he was involved in Scouts. He then moved to the Gold Coast where he completed high school.

Jamie enjoyed his time in the Movement and says: “I was a Cub Sixer and Scout Patrol Leader for around 2-3 years. Being an adventure boy at heart, I loved the jamborees, the bush survival and the motto ‘Be prepared!’ This is a motto I have carried into all aspects of my life. I enjoyed the team building and the sense of achievement it gave me, but most of all it was heaps of fun!”

As the host of Backyard Blitz, Jamie Durie relishes the chance to take a backyard, or as he calls it a blank canvas, and turns it into something beautiful that helps to change peoples lifestyles. No doubt the Scouts motto helps him in these creative challenges.

Format rights for The Block have now been sold to over 20 countries around the world, making Jamie not only recognisable domestically but internationally. The Block has helped make him representative of not only a lifestyle program but also the Australian way of life. With its emphasis on outdoors activities, Scouts is integral to the Australian way of life as well.

In 1997 he established a landscape design business, Patio, which provides landscape design for commercial and domestic gardens in Australia and internationally, with clients in the United States and Hong Kong. Jamie has completed a three year Associate Diploma in Landscape Design from Ryde Horticultural College in New South Wales.

He was also recognised in 2003 with a Centenary Medal.

Jamie says: "I think every young person should spend a bit of time in Scouts - lots of outdoor activities, basic bush survival, orienteering and a general respect for your community and the natural environment."  Weekend Australian 3-4 June 2006