Jack Yabsley

Presenter for Channel 10 show Totally Wild


Jack yabsley


Presenter Jack Yabsley isn’t surprised at the amount of fun and intriguing opportunities Scouting offers when filming for the television show Totally Wild.

Whether it is flying in a glider plane, racing billy carts, honing bush survival skills or abseiling down cliffs, Jack is reliving his happy days as a Cub Scout in Coonabarabran in NSW.


Jack with NSW Gliding Instructor Richard Nowakowski.


“I went camping, bushwalking, playing sports and just had fun with my friends. I did it with a big group of mates. You can make a lot of friends,” Jack says.

With all the activities that Scouting offers, he thought the youth movement was a lot of fun and worth the effort for young people. “Give it a go. You just have to see the happy faces of the Scouts I interview for Totally Wild. They love it.”