Georgina Sutton
Qantas 767 Fleet Captain and Former Scout



Business and Commerce

One of the goals of Scouting is to teach young people the skills of leadership and teamwork. Scouts learn to set their own goals and accomplish them. As they gain knowledge and experience , they learn to take responsibility and assume positions of leadership. When they join the world of business and commerce, these skills provide a firm foundation for success.

Georgina Sutton is a Qantas 767 Fleet Captain. She overseas about 180 pilots, only 13 of whom are female. This is the highest position a female pilot has achieved at a major Australian airline. Qantas has 3784 pilots, of whom only 4.5 per cent are female. 

            "I think the women pilot within Qantas are very thrilled that I've been appointed to this role,"                          Ms Sutton said. "I I think its is also a very positive position for me to be in to act as a role model                  for them. It is something they can aspire to."

She joined Qantas in 1989 after five years of commercial experience in South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory, flying scenic tours, charters and commuter runs and ferrying miners. She was a member of the Davenport Venturers in Adelaide and won her Queen's Scout award. She joined the Scout Flying Club at Blanchetown, South Australia where she learned to fly. By the time she was 17 she was a glider instructor at the club. She spent five years in the police force before making flying her career.

"I always had lots of fun in Venturers. I met most of my long-term friends there. Of course I learned to fly through the Scouts. My Scouting experience helped me to develop leadership skills self-confidence and the ability to think laterally. It has helped me to deal with the different kinds of people I work with on theflight deck or the ground crew."

"Scouting also developed my problem-solving skills. That's something I use all the time, helping me to work out problems I encounter while flying."