Dave Lawson

Host of SNTV and Camp Orange

Host of SNTV Dave Lawson

Dave Lawson, Nickelodeon host and  former Scout, has one of the most fun jobs around. Dave is known for hosting the popular SNTVCamp Orange and Nick Takes Over Your School. He’s also appeared in Blue Heelers, plus film clips for musicians such as Alex Lloyd.

Dave was a Cub and Scout with 1st Sandringham Cub Scouts and Scouts in Victoria. We asked Dave a few questions about his time as a Scout.

What Do You Remember About Being in Cubs and Scouts?
I was a Sixer. I was determined to work my way up my Six and I got there!

What badges did you earn?
All three Bronze, Silver and Gold Boomerangs, Air Activities, Swimming, Sewing, and the Entertainer Badge (that one’s come in handy with my career!)

Did you go to any jamborees?
I didn’t go to the jamboree, but I did go cross-country skiing at the snow.

Do you remember anything you learned that helped you in later life?
After Scouts I did a lot of sailing and hiking. The reef knot and double half hitch were particularly useful for sailing. When I go hiking with my friends I know how to survive and put up the tents.

When I was in Year 9, I went on a school camp. Because of Scouts I knew how to make ‘monster tent’ by joining 3 tents, and taking along extra pegs and guy ropes. No one else had done this!

Do you recommend Cubs and Scouts to others?
Definitely! It was great fun and I learned a lot!