Adam Spencer - Former Scout and Media Star!

Adam spencer
Adam Spencer is the current breakfast host at radio station ABC702. He also features on the ABC television comedy series The Glass House; youth radio station Triple J and appears in various other places across the media and as a guest speaker. He’s also host of the hugely successful Tropfest Short Film Festival.  He holds a First Class Honours Degree in Pure Mathematics and is heavily involved with promoting science for young people.
Adam was originally a Cub and then a Scout. He was a “Six Leader of the Dragon Six at the 1st Gladesville Scout Troop” in Sydney.
Adam joined the Scouts through the common channel of his friends from primary school being involved and inviting him along. “I used to love getting the gear on and hopping on my BMX bike to ride the couple of kilometres up to the hall,” Adam says.
“I loved the camping and the water carnival – 1st Gladesville were just about unbeatable for a couple of years in canoeing and kayaking. I particularly liked the hunting and stealth games like lantern chases when on camp and chalk chases when back at home.”
Adam feels the Scouts gives young people an edge in their development whilst in a fun and safe environment: “Having some fun and taking some responsibility for yourself away from the apron strings of mum and dad can’t be a bad thing. And hey I can still tie a bowline knot!”
Interestingly, Adam got to experience a Jamboree in a different way to most other Scouts: “My first Jamboree was as an adult when I hosted the big closing ceremony at the Sydney Jamboree a couple of years ago (2001). I supervised the closing remarks and handing over of the flag before we welcomed Frenzal Rhomb onto the stage and the kids went crazy!!!!”
Adam is a great role model for young people and Scouts Australia is proud to feature him as a former Scout.